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Nate Navarro is an internationally touring and recording bassist distinguished by his versatility and technical prowess. His open-minded approach to the bass guitar has afforded him opportunities to work with multi-platinum producers (Mike Clink, Sylvia Massy, Noel Golden, Danny Greenspoon), record with a host of incredible musicians (Devin Townsend, Steve Vai, Mike Keneally, Morgan Ågren, Chad Kroeger, Marco Minnemann, and others), and release music under some of the most imaginative record labels (Insideout, CandyRat, Prosthetic).


Nate has created promotional content and consulted for many of the leading musical product manufacturers and retailers, including Fender, Peavey, Ernie Ball, Spector, Warwick, Thomann, ESP, Kiesel, Dingwall, NS Design, Mayones, Jim Dunlop, Source Audio, Electro-Harmonix, Eventide, Darkglass, Boss, Genzler Amplification, and others.

Below is a quick look into the early beginnings and what followed of Nate's pursuit of music.

2006 June SoCal Metal.jpg
2007 Pinky and the Snowmen 1.01.jpg
2008 CalBap 1.01.jpg

Born and raised in Southern California, Nate began learning bass guitar at age fourteen.

He built his chops playing in the SoCal metal and jam scenes, while refining his ears playing in worship, jazz, and choir ensembles.

2012 Nathan, JP, Felix.jpg

NN, JP Bouvet, Felix Martin

2011 Pinn Panelle 1.jpg

Pinn Panelle

NN, Derek Song, Jonah Wei-Haas, Justin Conway

At eighteen, his demonstrated talents in performance and composition earned him a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music, from which he graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Interdisciplinary Music Studies, focusing on performance, composition, and business. While at Berklee, Nate continued playing worship, metal, and jazz while venturing into progressive metal and electronic music. 


Sylvia Massy - RadioStar Sudios

Weed, California, USA


Nolly Getgood - Monnow Valley Studio

Monmouthshire, Wales, UK

2015 Nathan, Brett, Q Division Studios.j

Mike Clink - Les "Survivorman" Stroud Home Studio

Toronto, Ontario, CA

R&D w/ Source Audio - Q Division Studios

Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

2012 Nathan Stick Felix recording.jpg

Felix Martin

"The Scenic Album" Sessions

Also during this time, Nate began posting videos and building an online following. The videos brought fans while simultaneously promoting his services as a bassist. This helped jump start his career as a professional musician, gaining attention from artists, producers, and companies interested in collaborating.

DSCF6814 2.jpg
Devin Townsend - Prague 2019.jpg

SWG3 Galvanizers - Glasgow, Scotland

Roxy - Prague, Czech Republic with Devin Townsend

Nate has been featured on channels with a collective total of over 12 million YouTube subscribers, well over four million Facebook page followers, and his performance videos have amassed over 100 million total views. His book, BASS 4-String Etudes, Riffs, Songs & Exercises was awarded #1 Best Seller in Bass Guitar Songbooks, #1 New Release in Bass Guitar Songbooks, and #1 New Release in Music Exercises on He has been featured in Gitarre Und Bass Magazine, NoTreble, Bass The World, ForBassPlayersOnly, and he has been a team member of Bass Players United since 2016. He toured over twenty countries in 2019, and was halfway through a full North American tour when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March 2020.

Nate currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and son. He enjoys chopping wood, going on walks, and making pizza.


Asked about his future plans in music, Nate says, "There are three things I love in this world: God, people, and art. I've been so blessed by each of these. I feel that my purpose is to live in a way that glorifies God and enriches the lives of others through music."

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