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NN Sub Octave Bass

NN SOB 1.01.png


For over a decade I had been searching for an instrument that would allow me to tune a full octave below a standard four string bass without losing definition, volume, and sustain. After failed attempts with all of the prime candidates, Lignum and I came together to create the ultimate sub octave bass.


We knew it would need a massive scale length, a reinforced neck, and specialized electronics. Lignum has a degree in Civil Engineering and specializes in wood (Lignum is Latin for "Wood"). He determined that a scale of 42" was necessary for the low E (E0), and could then multi-scale down to 39" for the G (G1). Paired with my Bartolini prototype NN pickups, and an HR-4.6AP/918 active preamp with the bass control centered at 30Hz, we were off to a good start.

There was one important aspect that still needed to be addressed... the playability. A conventional approach to the 42" scale would have been a mistake. The lower register needed to be brought in, closer to the fretting-hand shoulder, and any weight from the instrument's neck and headstock that could be shifted towards the body would benefit the instrument's balance. This was achieved by elongating the body with a tailpiece, allowing the bridge hardware to be placed back 5", achieving the more common 37" scale feel. From there, we delved into aesthetics and watched the instrument take shape. 

The first sub octave bass was delivered to me at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam while I was on tour with Porcupine Tree. Hearing the E0 loud and clear without an amp was surprising and impressive. It was mesmerizing to feel the bass's strong resonance in my hands and torso. The neck has a reinforced design including a custom hand-made truss rod, and the strings are very heavy - about four times the weight of standard bass strings. My mind was completely blown when I played the instrument through the system at the Ziggo Dome. Oh my word. How rewarding a project. I had to share it with my fellow bass players. 

The first video I made for my YouTube channel after getting home from the tour was a demo of the sub octave bass. The response was encouraging; I didn't realize so many other bassists were searching for the same thing I was. Lignum and I didn't expected much more to come from our collaboration, but thanks to the outstanding number of purchase requests, we decided to make the instrument available to everyone; now with further refinements (thicker strings, wooden knobs, 1mm thickness added at the base of the neck, new pickup options, etc). I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, and I can't wait to hear the music that comes from other players with their NN Sub Octave Basses. 


While I suggest sticking with the foundational design aspects of the sub octave bass, every single instrument is CUSTOMIZABLE. If there is something you would like to change, such as hardware, electronics, wood, etc, Lignum is happy to accommodate.

Builder: Built by Lignum in Croatia

Body: Laminated maple and Walnut with Mahogany top

Neck: Neckthrough Design, made of Maple/Walnut/Maple. Four stripes of paired Mahogany and Maple go from the headstock to the bottom of the body. One sheet of veneer is glued under the fretboard; the stripes are visible from the side of the entire neck. Side fret markers are made with matching epoxy. The truss rod is hand-made by Lignum.

Fretboard: Maple

Finish: Danish Oil

Scale: multi-scale E0 42'' - G1 39'', frets are fanned around 12th fret with 12'' radius 
Frets: 24 frets

Thickness at nut: 20.5 mm

Thickness at 12th fret: 23,8 mm

Width at nut: 41 mm

Width at 24th fret: 65.5 mm

Strings: Newtone Stainless steel, Gauges: E0 - .190 , A0 - .150 , D1 - .120 , G1 - 0.95

Hand-Made Wooden Control Knobs

Schaller BM Light tuners, Schaller S-Locks straps

Göldo HW60B Bass Single Bridges

Pickups: Prototype Nate Navarro signature from Bartolini // Fishman Fluence Soapbar Pickups/Preamp

Preamp: Bartolini HR-4.6AP/918 // Fishman Fluence Soapbar Pickups/Preamp

Custom Gig Bag included


Price: 2600 € (+25% VAT within European Union)

*Shipping to USA: 220 €

*Shipping to EU: 100 €

*Shipping cost for other countries will be calculated individually for every inquiry.

*When an instrument is shipped to countries that are not part of the European Union, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country.


To place an order, and for all inquiries, please contact Lignum via email at:


Lignum wants their customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases and will happily offer an exchange in instances where customers have changed their mind or are not completely satisfied with a product.


All items must be returned to Lignum within 30 days of receiving your parcel, in their original condition.

Please see our return policy for more details. 

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