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They Came From The Sky

“They Came From the Sky” is an aural montage of Nathan's early experiments as an organic electronic artist.  As new genres of computer-based music were being born, Nathan searched for ways to recreate their adrenalizing textures without the use of computers.  He felt that the “DJ performance” left much to be desired, and the answer to what was missing was clear… a live, conveying performance by a group of skilled, interactive musicians.


Nathan studied electronic production, and gained understanding of how the textures were being being created electronically.  He then replicated the processes through effects pedals.  Utilizing compression, synth, octave, distortion, modulation, and heavy eq-ing effects pedals, he had a pedalboard to be reckoned with.  All that was left was a way to modulate the tones in real time.  In his search, Nathan stumbled upon a device called the “Hot Hand,” which brought everything to life.

Nathan Navarro: Bass, Voice, Guitar, Electronic Elements

Dylan Laine: Voice, Lyrics

Annie Shred: Voice, Guitar

Mukatu: Chemical Remix

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